Taras Shamba wished people of Abkhazia happy new year



Sukhum, The President of the International Association of Abkhaz-Abazin (Abaza) nation (IAAAN) Taras Shamba wished the people of Abkhazia happy New Year. “I wish sincerely the multinational people of the Republic of Abkhazia all the best”, Taras Shamba’s congratulation reads.

Therewith T. Shamba said that “after long doubts I have taken the decision to resign as President of the International Association of Abkhaz-Abazin (Abaza) nation (IAAAN)”

“The International Association was created during the hardest period of our history - aggression of Georgia. We managed to unite our nation living in more than 50 countries of the world. The main goal has been achieved - Abkhazia has been liberated from occupation. It has become a subject of international law, gained the long-awaited independence. It is being recognized. The sovereign Republic of Abkhazia faces the future with confidence. The Abazin district in the Karachay-Cherkess Republic which will become the cultural and economic centre of Abaza in the North Caucasus has been formed. However there are a lot of fundamental problems which need to be solved by the people of the Republic of Abkhazia at high speed”, Taras Shamba says.

In his opinion, “the new time needs new young, daring people who will carry the baton of sovereignty with dignity, will build a democratic civilized state and improve quality of life of the people”.

“The people of Abkhazia have deserved it. The goal is, undoubtedly, noble and achievable. Young people should solve it. Dare it. Take care of Apsny. I bless all who will continue with the work of elders who have preserved the language, culture, historical Motherland. Best regards”, a prominent public figure and politician Taras Shamba emphasized.


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